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Th150: Design Research: History of Fashion & Décor

Guide to assist students with the historical design research assignment

Approaches to Research

round wooden maze gameSearching for information is often nonlinear and iterative, requiring the evaluation of a range of information sources and the mental flexibility to pursue alternate avenues as new understanding develops.

The act of searching often begins with a question that directs the act of finding needed information. Experts realize that information searching is a contextualized, complex experience that affects, and is affected by, the cognitive, affective, and social dimensions of the searcher. Information literacy learners persist in the face of search challenges, and know when they have enough information to complete the information tasks.


What is mind mapping?

Mind mapping is a way to organize your thoughts or research. This site, SimpleMind, has some explainers. Many people use images as well as text on their mind maps. 

Keyword Brainstorming

This worksheet is a very useful way to come up with the terms you use to search for articles. It's a great way to keep track of which combinations of words you've already searched.