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Scan & Send

Request a Scan


  • Make up to three (3) scan requests per day. Chapters or articles.

  • One chapter from each requested book may be scanned. 
  • Request chapter scans from either circulating books or Reserves (course-required books).
  • Notifications about these requests are sent from to your Emerson email address. 


Request a Scan - sign in with Emerson credentials.


About Scan Requests

To assist you in your individual research, Iwasaki Library staff can scan selections from the items in our collections for you. In accordance with copyright law, requested selections must constitute only small portions of the work; in most cases, this means one article in a periodical or one chapter of a book per request.

All current Emerson students, faculty, and staff may submit scan requests. Please submit requests in order of priority.

Items not eligible for scanning:


About Storage Requests

Some Emerson items are stored in staff-only areas or in off-site storage. Current Emersonians may request access to these items through the Request a Scan Form.

In-House Storage items typically are retrieved within 3-5 business days; Off-Site Storage items typically arrive at Emerson within 7-10 business days.


For assistance with Scan Requests or Storage Requests, please contact the library at

For assistance with Reserves, or for faculty seeking to create e-reserves, contact the library at