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Teaching Materials Cache

Suggested teaching materials organized by Information Literacy Frame (Pillar Concept)

How to Use Teaching Materials Cache

  1. Use categories at left to explore online tutorials and activities related to common challenges teaching information literacy and research skills.
    • Categories like "Research as Inquiry" and "Authority is Constructed" are based around ACRL's Framework of Information Literacy. The Framework consists of five frames (or pillars) of information literacy.
    • Each Frame is accompanied by learner mindsets and observable learner dispositions. 
    • Try using the Framework's learner mindsets and learner dispositions as learning outcomes in a specific assignment or module!
  2. Consult with a librarian about ideas for yours course. We work with faculty to design assignments, workshops, and more.
  3. Suggest a new topic we haven't covered. We'll collaborate to meet your specific course needs.


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