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How To Browse, Open, And Download Chapters To Your Devices. Links to external sources for free eBooks.

1. Type keywords into Multisearch.

  • Connect multiple keywords with and. Connect synonyms with or

Screenshot of Multisearch keyword field, showing keywords connected with "and".

2. Under Source Types, limit results to eBooksScreenshot of Source Types option in Multisearch, calling out option to limit results to ebooks only.

3. Access individual eBook by clicking on Full Text.

Screenshot of ebook in Multisearch, highlighting Full Text Emerson Access link.

4. If you see this screen, refresh your page. 

  • Login with Emerson email credentials: firstname_lastname, and password.

 Screenshot of time out screen.







Screenshot of EZProxy login requiring current Emerson email credentials and password, domain not required.

5. Read eBook online, or download PDF chapters.

  • Note stable URL (chainlink icon), and option to auto-format the ebook's citation in several formats.


Screenshot of ebook landing page, showing buttons for Read Online, format citation, and stable URL.