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How To Browse, Open, And Download Chapters To Your Devices. Links to external sources for free eBooks.
1. Do I need to both Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire to read a downloaded ebook on my mobile device? 
  • Yes. You need both apps to download and open an ebook on your mobile device (for offline reading).  
  • If you are downloading an ebook directly to your desktop, you only need Adobe Digital Editions.


2. What about downloading PDF chapters of ebooks? 
  • Downloading PDF chapters is easy! Much simpler than downloading an entire publisher-protected ebook.
  • Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire are NOT required for individual chapter download.
  • Download chapters from the ebook's Table of Contents screen.


3. Are both Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire app free? 
  • Yes, both are free for iOS and Android devices.


4. Do I need to download an ebook in order to read it?
  • No, you can open an ebook on your computer and read the entire book in your internet browser.
  • Apps Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire are only required if you want to download a complete ebook to your mobile device for offline reading (no internet connection).
    • You may download individual PDF chapters without using the apps.


5. What is the advantage of downloading an ebook vs. reading the book online?
  • Downloading an ebook means you can read it offline. This is useful if your internet connection is unstable.
  • If you have a reliable internet connection, reading the ebook online is simpler and faster.