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PLANS For Information Literacy

What is PLANS for Information Literacy?

PLANS stands for PedagogyLifelong learningAcademic Success, and the Needs of Students.. PLANS is a stipend-based faculty professional development initiative for enhancing Information Literacy skills within the College’s curriculum.

Faculty cohorts are encouraged to apply with their PLANS for Information Literacy: project proposals that emphasize Pedagogy, Lifelong learning, Academic Success, and the Needs of Students.

Teams of 2-4 faculty members are invited to submit proposals for improving Information Literacy, Media Literacy, or Digital Literacy across their shared course, department, or program.

Information Literacy encompasses a wide range of critical thinking skills, including the discovery and evaluation of information, understanding how information is produced and valued, and the ethical use of information in creating new knowledge. Concepts like Media Literacy and Digital Literacy are critical components of Information Literacy.

PLANS Learning Goals for Faculty

After completion of the program, faculty will be able to:

  • Identify how their course(s) contribute(s) to the development of students' information literacy skills
  • Partner with colleagues (librarians, WARC, ITG, fellow faculty, etc) for project design and pedagogy
  • Design methods of assessment that will provide meaningful feedback on their project's success

April 5th

Application deadline.

April 18th

Review of applications & Notification to applicants.

May 16th-17th

2-Day Group Orientation Session. Each group must send at least 2 team members.

Summer/Fall Semester

Teams meet independently.  Each team will be assigned a librarian who will assist with their projects.  Teams will post updates in Canvas.

December 2017

Project evaluation summary due.

Jan/Feb 2018

Presentation to Emerson community.

2017 Application - Teams submit proposals. DEADLINE: April 12



  • All faculty members may apply, including attendees of previous library professional development programs.

Team Requirements: 

  • Include at least one full-time faculty member.
  • Commit to sending at least 2 team members to the May 16 & 17 workshops.
  • Commit to sending all team members to the Spring 2018 presentation at the Innovation@Emerson Showcase.
  • Register and participate in the PLANS Canvas course during the summer and fall semesters.
  • Commit to regular meetings with all team members and librarian collaborator.
  • Develop methods for project assessment and provide evidence that the proposed project has been completed.


Questions about the application process? Contact Robert Fleming, Director, Iwasaki Library.

  • Each team member will receive a $1000 stipend.
  • A working lunch at each session. Discuss pedagogy with librarians, teaching fellows and colleagues from other departments while noshing.
  • Absolutely no trust falls!

2016 PLANS for Information Literacy Participants

  • VM101 and First Year Writing Program combo team:
    • Jennifer Porst (VMA)
    • Katherine Faigen (FYWP)
    • Emily Avery-Miller (FYWP)
  • Introduction to the Performing Arts (PA101) Curricular Revamp team:
    • Courtney O'Connor (PA)
    • SiouxSanna Ramirez (PA)
    • Maureen Shea (PA)
    • Eric Weiss (PA)
  • Institute for the Liberal Arts/Interdisciplinary Perspective team:
    • Claire Andrade-Watkins (IN)
    • Mneesha Gellman (IN)
    • Pablo Mutchnik (IN)
  • Science Perspective team:
    • Jon Honea (IN)
    • Jamie Lichtenstein (IN)
    • Amy Vashlishan Murray (IN)
    • Nejem Raheem (MK) 

2015 PLANS for Information Literacy participants

  • FYWP WR101 Curricular Revamp team: created custom text for First Year Writing and assessed performance.
    • Steve Himmer (FYWP)
    • Whitney James (FYWP)
    • Mary Kovaleski Byrnes (FYWP)
    • Molly McGillicuddy (FYWP)
  • FYWP & CC100 combo team: created synergy, reinforced meaning, and reduced redundancy between these two courses.
    • Mary Eberhardinger (CC100)
    • Peter Medeiros (FYWP)
    • Elizabeth Parfitt (FYWP)
  • CC100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication Curricular Revamp team: created assignments through which students learned how to identify, evaluate, and use authoritative sources.
    • Heather May (CC100)
    • Jane Pierce Saulnier (CC100)
    • Keri Thompson (CC100)
  • Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies team: helped students learn that writing is a process and how to integrate different types of information into their writing.
    • Claudia Castaneda (IN)
    • Cara Moyer-Duncan (IN)
    • Yasser Munif (IN)