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What is the Information Literacy Collaborative (ILC)?

The ILC is a professional development opportunity for faculty & librarians to work together. The goal of ILC is to enhance student learning in and about discipline-specific research. Past versions of ILC occurred in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  The program uses a course design approach, takes a student-learning perspective, and has a collaborative intention.  

Participants gather for 2 days in May and 1 day in August to focus on integrating information literacy into a Fall course of their choosing.  At the end of the Fall semester, participants gather to talk about changes they made to their course and the effects on student learning.

Information Literacy Collaborative Learning Goals for Faculty

  1. Define information literacy and identify how it connects to your course(s)
  2. Build information literacy into your students' learning goals
  3. Create assignments to enhance students' information literacy skills

Check back in 2017 for an updated application. :-)

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Communication Sciences & Disorders
Ruth Grossman
Jon Honea 
Daniel Kempler
Joanne Lasker
Rhiannon Luyster
Tracy McLaughlin-Volpe
Wyatt Oswald
Alisa Ruggiero
Amy Vashlishan Murray
Julie Volkman

Communication Studies
John Anderson
Angela Cooke-Jackson
Mary Eberhardinger
Angela Hosek
William (Bill) Huddy
Spencer Kimbal
Jane Pierce Saulnier
Keri Thompson

Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies
Claudia Castaneda 
Cara Moyer Duncan
Nigel Gibson
Yasser Munif
Diana Sherry 
Erika Williams

Mark Leccese
Tim Riley
Melinda Robins
Cindy Rodriguez

Marketing Communication
William Anderson
Paul Hackett
Randy Harrison
Kristin Lieb
Anthony Lowrie
Paul Mihailidis
Nejem Raheem
Lu Ann Reeb
James Rowean
Brenda Wrigley
Katie Youn

Performing Arts
Benny Ambush
Mary Harkins
Christina Marin
Bethany Nelson
Courtney O’Connor 
Joshua Polster
Magda Romanska
Maureen Shea
Eric Weiss

Visual & Media Arts
Claire Andrade-Watkins
Miranda Banks
Ken Feil
Kenneth Golden
Judith Hull
Joe Ketner
Cher Knight
De-nin Lee
Maurice Methot
Roberto Mighty 
Jane Shattuc

Writing, Literature & Publishing
Mary Kovaleski Byrnes
David Emblidge
Indira Ganesan
Lise Haines 
Maria Koundoura 
Gian Lombardo
Kimberly McLarin
Tamera Marko
Beth Parfitt
Robin Riley Fast
John Rodzvilla
Wendy Walters

Quotes from Past Participants

"... A fantastic three days!"  -2013 participant

"...Very thoughtful and efficient learning modules...Good opportunity to learn across departments."  -2013 participant 

"...This is a very wonderful workshop and certainly affects my teaching, which influences students' learning. Learning-centered course design is a very compelling concept and approach. Excellent coordination and collaboration to bring all college resources together into this ONE workshop. It is amazing!!!"   -2013 participant

"...Thank you for a fabulous and enriching experience."   -2012 participant

"...This was a wonderful experience, and well timed as I begin digesting the semester's work. Thank you!"  -2012 participant

"...Was great interacting with library staff and getting to know colleagues better.  Thanks very much!"   -2012 participant

"...I had a great time, and I learned a great deal. I'll definitely recommend it to my colleagues.  I really enjoyed getting to know faculty I had seen around but never had a chance to talk with.  Thanks again - great program!"   -2011 participant

"...The entire session was very eye-opening.  Collaborating with colleagues was a valuable experience."   -2011 participant

"...I really enjoyed the collaborative and felt it was a very worthwhile experience professionally, as well as a means of getting to know other faculty."   -2011 participant