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Publications A-Z (prev. Full Text Finder)

Use this tool to find free Iwasaki Library access to articles you've dug up in Google, Wikipedia, etc.

1. Start with Citation Info.

Tracking down a source from Wikipedia, Google, a Works Cited list?

To track down library access to the article, you'll need: author of work, title of work, title of publication (if applicable), and date of publication.

anatomy of basic citation

2. On our library homepage, open Research Help / Publications A-Z.

Current Emersonians have off-campus access to most online library resources via the homepage.


screenshot of Research Help menu, showing Publications A-Z option.

3. Type the desired publication title into the search box.


Screenshot of Publications A-Z

4. Check for title match in your results list.

Yes: Click tiny blue plus sign (+) under publication's title. Choose database with date range encompassing article publication date.

No: No title match? We don't have a digital subscription to the periodical. Request digital article delivery via Interlibrary Loan!

ProTip: "Emerson Library" link under Full Text Access means we have print holdings in the physical library.

Screenshot of full-text finder results showing Full Text Access highlighted.

Screenshot of Full Text Finder database display.

5. Click "Search Within This Publication," on the publication's landing page.

Track down article in two ways:

A) Add one or more of the following to the existing search bar text: DOI, author name, partial article title inside quotation marks.

B) Choose date of publication, volume, and issue number from the date index.

Screenshot of journal search with keywords field.









Screenshot of journal search field, with keywords added after prepopulated journal title information.

6. Access the article! Without a paywall.

Email the PDF or HTML article, or auto-format citation.

Or, export article to citation manager (Zotero, EndNote, Refworks, etc.).

Screenshot of article with links to PDF and HTML full text highlighted.

Screenshot of article PDF.