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Teaching Materials Cache

Suggested teaching materials organized by Information Literacy Frame (Pillar Concept)

One Perfect Source? (video)

Discusses letting go of the idea that there will be "One Perfect Source" that answers all your research questions, and instead strategizing on how to pull together different sources on different topics to answer your question. Includes challenge of picking the right keywords, and how popular and scholarly sources may play a role in your research.  

(Used with permission from the NCSU Libraries.)

Credo Research Tips

Picking Your Topic IS Research (video)

Discusses how research process is iterative (not linear) and how research process can help you shape your topic.  Addresses challenges of topics that are too narrowly or too broadly defined.  

(Used with permission from the NCSU Libraries.)

Brainstorming Keywords (activity + handout)

Use this handout (or online form) to help students brainstorm keywords for their topic.  Helps them break their topic into subtopics, and consider broader, narrower, and related concepts.