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Selected Books

Theories and Theorists

  • benign violation theory (Veatch, McGraw, Warren)
  • computational-neural theory of humor (Suslov, Ritchie)
  • general theory of verbal humor (RaskinAttardo)
  • humor as defense mechanism (Vaillant, Ostrower)
  •  incongruity theory (Hutcheson, Kant, Freud, BergsonSchopenhauer)
  • metaphor and metonymy theory of humor (Koestler, Veale, Johnson)
  • ontic-epistemic theory of humor (Marteinson)
  • play theories (Eastman, Huizinga)
  • prejudiced norm theory (Ferguson)
  • relief theory (Spencer, Freud)
  • sexual selection theory (Greengross & Miller)
  • superiority theory (Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Baudelaire, Solomon)