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Study Spaces

Reserve Library Study Spaces

Iwasaki Library


President's Room

12 lounge chairs, 10 tables with 8 chairs, misc tables and chairs

printers (b/w, color), rolling whiteboard, natural light Iwasaki Library Presidents' Room arm chairs
West Stacks Study Area (Quiet Study Area) 6 lounge chairs, 4 tables with 4 chairs, 2 study carrels natural light Iwasaki Library Quiet Area
Classroom W322  20 rolling computer chairs 20 computers, printer (b/w, color), whiteboard
CoLab W341 Bar counter with 5 chairs, 5 tables (seat 4-6), 1 couch, 3 soft chairs with swivel desks, 8 lounge chairs (perimeter) moveable furniture, whiteboard walls Iwasaki Library CoLab
Sensory Study Space - Walker 336 Bar counter with 2 chairs (1 hard, 1 soft), rocking chair, iMac & scanner,) moveable furniture, dimmable overhead lights, standing lamp, window with shade, sound machine, reading lamp, light therapy lamp room with built-in desk along left wall with iMac computer, flatbed scanner, and task light visible. Black roller chair, green rocking chair, and warm standing lamp on the right.
Kiosks - Service Desk 20 rolling computer chairs, 4 lounge chairs (perimeter)

20 computers, copier, scanners


Boylston St. Group Study Area 10 tables (seat 4), 6 lounge chairs printers (b/w, color), copier, scanners Front of the Iwasaki Library
Carrel Row 14 study carrels with outlets printers (b/w, color), copiers, scanners Iwasaki Library study carrels
Group Study W317, 318, 339, 340 (reservable) Tables (seat 4-6) white boards, printers (b/w, color), copiers, scanners Iwasaki Library study room with large group


Study Rooms W419 A-E (reserveable) Each room seats 2-6 at table TV and whiteboard in each room

Iwasaki Library 4th floor study rooms


Study Rooms W560 A-E (reserveable) Each room seats 2-6 people at table TV and whiteboards in each room

Iwasaki Library study room with TV


Phi Alpha Tau Room W639 16 Study Carrels, 1 round table with 4 chairs ----

Iwasaki Library Phi Alpha Tau Room, 6th floor


Cheryl McGrath, Executive Director of Iwasaki Library