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Online and print access to newspapers, transcripts, and video archives of broadcasts.


1. Find Multisearch on library homepage:

Screenshot of library homepage showing Multisearch field at

2. Type keyword / news topic of interest into Multisearch. Search!

Screenshot of keyword typed into Multisearch field.




3. Use left navigation bar to limit results by Source Type: News.

Screenshot of Limit by Source Type: choose news, ebooks, audio, video, scholarly, etc.

4. Click Show More to see all Source Types.

Hit Count = number of articles found with your keyword.

Screenshot of Source Types in Multisearch results. This screenshot shows more than 10,000 article results for news articles.


5. Limit by Publication Title. Optional.

Helpful if you want to see only articles from a specific newspaper.

Screenshot of Limit by Publication Title option in Multisearch.


6. Sample New York Times article record in Multisearch.

Note Multisearch looks for keyword in article title, subject headings, and body text.

Access article using Full Text Finder.

Sample screenshot of New York Times article record in Multisearch. Keyword shows up in title and subject headings of article.

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