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Shipping and Contact Information

Emerson College Library accepts requests through OCLC and by ALA request forms.

Unit Name: Emerson College

OCLC Symbol: ECL

Shipping Address: Emerson College Library/ 120 Boylston Street/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ 02116

Affliations: FLFU, LVIS, MRDG, NEUL, NE@R

Contact Information:

Nora Brosseau


Lending Policy


  • Non-Circulating: a/v, periodicals, reference, theses and microform. DIS: Emerson College theses and dissertations available for loan only if library has 2nd copy in archives.
  • Loans: US $10; IFM preferred, Invoice
  • Copies: US $10; IFM preferred, Invoice
  • Loan Period: 6 weeks
  • Renew Period: 4 weeks
  • Delivery methods:
    • Loans: Courier, Mail
    • Copies: OCLC Article Exchange, Email, Mail, Courier