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Multisearch: How To

Defines Multisearch. Best search strategies, search hacks. Resources for Marketing research. Google Scholar enhanced access..

Definition & Scope

A searchable collection of more than 50 smaller subscription databases (1). Content includes Iwasaki Library's digital subscriptions to thousands of  scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, dissertations, and trade publications. But wait, there's more! Multisearch includes all Iwasaki Library's ebooks, print books, DVDs, and streaming video (to see only Iwasaki book and media content, choose Limit To: Catalog Only). Multisearch content is accessible off campus to current Emerson College students, faculty, and staff (2).


1 Note many Marketing databases are excluded from Multisearch. See Marketing Guides for marketing-specific databases.

2 Note Multisearch content is invisible to Google, and inaccessible to alumni outside of Boston campus.

Glossary of Library & Research Terms

Multisearch in 5 Minutes

Also contains news articles, trade publications, magazine articles, books, ebooks, video, and dissertations!