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Cirque de De-stress: Virtual Cirque

Therapy dogs...and everything else you need to know about having a stress-free finals


Cartoon image of a person sitting on a beanbag chair listening to a record player with headphones in


                Gif of cartoon eraser, paintbrush, pen, thumb tacks, pencil

Cute Animals

                                                image of a kitten, bunny, Guinea pig, and puppy


                 Clipart image of a lion tamer and a tiger jumping through flaming hoop


                      Image of Game Time text

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Yoga & Exercise

      Silhouette of a woman in a yoga pose                Silhouette of a man in a yoga pose


                            Clipart image of a person meditating with text namaste over it

Home Spa

Gif of flip flops stepping in a circle around the text Spa Time

Emerson Endures

Share how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your life with the Emerson Endures project. The Emerson College Archives is collecting your creative work, including art, poetry, interviews, dance, and more in order to document the Emerson experience during this time.