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Global Pathways: Imagining Ghanaian Culture Through Visual and Multimedia Storytelling

Resources on Ghana

The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial and fountains in Accra, Ghana. (Image by lapping from Pixabay, under CC0 license.)

A Note on Using this Guide: This guide includes select resources to help you better understand Ghanaian culture, history, food and to prepare you as you meet with local journalists, community leaders, artists, and political officials. It is by no means exhaustive nor should it be considered entirely representative. Whenever we come across information, we first must determine its validity and acknowledge biases that privilege some sources of authority over others. This allows for critical examination of all evidence put before us—be it a short blog post or a peer-reviewed article—and to ask relevant questions about origins, context, and suitability for any information need. Consider, that the resources in this guide are all in English, and many of the creators are either not of Ghanaian descent, or represent a Eurocentric perspective. What does this say about their authority on Ghanaian culture? How will they compare with your own experiences travelling in Ghana?