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MK221 Online Tutorial for Marketing Databases

Adaptation of MK221 Library Research Worksheet for Agaptus Anaele. Created by Lindsey Nichols.

How To Use This Tutorial

  1. Progress through tutorial using navigation buttons near bottom of each page.
    • Scroll down if you don't see navigation buttons!
  2. Complete To Do sections.
  3. Answer review questions along the way. 
  4. Bask in glow of learning marketing-specific library databases, and add your new professional knowledge to your resume.

Learning Goals

You'll locate and analyze

  • information about your brand or category (Statista)
  • consumer behaviors and attitudes for your brand or category (Mintel)
  • demographics and media consumption habits for consumers of your brand or category (Gfk MRI University Reporter)
  • industry and company profiles, including SWOT reports and detailed financials (MarketLine). 


You Can Do This

Because you're a PROFESSIONAL.



To Do

1. Identify market categories for Greenies (dental treats for pets), or 4Real Energy (beverage). 


Choose appropriate category for Greenies dental care pet treats.
Elf Footwear: 0 votes (0%)
Functional Pet Treats / Pet Food: 37 votes (100%)
Motorcycles & ATVs: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 37
Choose appropriate category for 4Real Energy.
Energy Drinks: 36 votes (97.3%)
Bad Tattoos: 0 votes (0%)
Fast Casual Restaurants: 1 votes (2.7%)
Total Votes: 37