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Research Skills Instruction

Opportunities for adding information literacy concepts and activities into your course or assignment.

Type of Collaboration

Meet With A Librarian

Request Librarian Collaboration

We work together to create research guides, design workshops, and develop assignments.

Design Research Guides:
Research guides focus on a subject, like the Marketing Guide, or a specific course, like the CC100 and IN146 guides. These can be embedded into course websites like Canvas or on syllabi. Our research guides are constantly evolving to remain current with topic developments. Browse our research guides to see how they can support your teaching.

Develop Assignments:
We can help you design or modify research assignments to get better results from your students.  We can help you identify research goals, brainstorm ways to scaffold the assignment, and recommend resources for your students.

Workshops are hands-on and connected to an assignment. Most students take the WR121 Research Writing Workshop in the Spring semester. Use this common experience to reinforce what students already know, or work with a librarian to design a workshop for your research assignment. Instruction librarians can also collaborate to develop new research assignments.  Complete the form below or click here to develop a course-related library workshop.