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Teaching Materials Cache

Suggested teaching materials organized by Information Literacy Frame (Pillar Concept)

WR121 Pre-Workshop Video Playlist (One Perfect Source? + WR121 Search Tips)

Brainstorming Keywords (activity + handout)

Use this handout (or online form) to help students brainstorm keywords for their topic.  Helps them break their topic into subtopics, and consider broader, narrower, and related concepts.

CRAAP Test (handout)

Evaluating Sources (activity)

Assignment or in-class activity ideas for encouraging your students to evaluate sources:

  1. Have students apply the CRAAP test to one of their sources from their bibliography (or a peer's).
  2. Assign students to evaluate a source that has both strengths and weaknesses (example: policy paper with clear bias from a left- or right-leaning think tank). 
  3. Assign students to create an annotated bibliography as an early stage to a paper.