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Request Reserves

FAQs: Books, Chapters & Articles

What are course reserves?
Course reserves are readings set aside by faculty for student use. Materials such as books and case studies can be moved from the library’s existing collections, or purchased upon request, and made accessible at the Library ServiceDesk. Additionally, instructors can place personal copies of resources on reserve as needed. E-Reserves, such as journal articles and book chapters, can be digitized or linked through a course's Canvas page. Reserves do not auto-renew; please place new reserve requests for each semester.

How can I place items on reserve?
Contact Sydney Orason, Reserves Coordinator, or fill out a reserve-request form available on this page or at the Service Desk. If you have ordered your required books and textbooks through the Emerson College Bookstore, you do not need to fill out a reserve-request form. Any essential readings not available from the Emerson College Bookstore should be emailed to the Reserves Coordinator to ensure reading availability. 

What are e-Reserves?
The Reserves Coordinator assists with e-Reserves available to students through Canvas. Journal articles and book chapters can be digitized—in compliance with copyright and Fair Use law—from the Emerson library’s print collections and uploaded to Canvas as PDFs. Persistent links to Emerson-accessible e-books, online articles, and online journals can be linked to a course’s Canvas page. These PDFs and links provide students with access to e-Reserves on- or off-campus, and saves the cost of buying a book when only a chapter or two is required. 

Are there items that I cannot put on reserve? 
The Emerson College Copyright Policy forbids placing consumable works such as coursepacks, workbooks, test booklets, and answer sheets on reserve. Due to space and workflow limitations, we cannot accommodate more than 25 books and articles per course, not including e-Reserve requests.

What is the turnaround time for reserve requests?
We process requests in the order received. It may take up to two weeks to process materials. Special orders may take four to six weeks to arrive, depending on the publisher. Please submit your reserve requests as early as possible to ensure that material is available to students.

I did all of this last year. Do I have to do it again?
Yes. All reserves are removed at the end of each semester.

How do students access reserves?
Students can borrow items from the Service Desk for up to two hours for in-library use only, which provides equal access to essential readings. E-Reserves made available through Canvas are accessible anytime, anywhere. 

I have a question. Whom do I ask?
Contact the Library's Reserves Coordinator. Contact Sydney Orason at 617.824.8326 or

FAQs: Media

What are media reserves?
Media reserves are DVDs and VHS tapes reserved exclusively for student use for a specific time period. This allows student access to required films. Media reserves can include items from the Media Collection or from your personal collection.

How can I place media items on reserve?
For items in the Media Collection:
Place requests in person at the Service Desk or by calling 617.824.8671. To ensure availability, please place items on reserve as early as possible.

For items from your personal collection:
Come to the Service Desk to drop off the DVDs and VHS tapes and fill out a reserve form. Please request assistance from Maureen Tripp.

What is the media reserve experience like for students?
Students visit the Library Service Desk where staff locate and reserve an in-house viewing space. Media viewing rooms can accommodate small groups of up to six people.

I have a question. Whom do I ask?
Contact the Library's Reserves Coordinator, Sydney Orason, at 617.824.8326 or

DIY Tips

Need access to materials faster than we can process them?
Here are some DIY Tips:

Create your own e-Reserves
Turn your documents or photocopies into PDF files.

Link whenever possible
Most library databases that contain full-text articles offer permanent URLs for easy access. You can add these links to your Canvas page or share them with students so they can access readings anytime, anywhere. A tip sheet on finding and adding these permanent URLs is available.

Need help with Canvas?
Contact ITG or Reserves Coordinator with any questions you might have.

Encourage students to buy essential texts
Although we do place up to two copies of required books on reserve for courses larger than 40 students upon faculty request, reserve copies cannot sustain an entire class.

Search the FLO Library Catalog to find books and media materials.


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