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MK221 Online Tutorial for Marketing Databases

Adaptation of MK221 Library Research Worksheet for Agaptus Anaele. Created by Lindsey Nichols.

To Do

Look up an Industry Profile:

  • U.S. Pet Food Industry
  • U.S. Energy Drinks / Functional Drinks Industry
  • Or, choose your own adventure!

MarketLine showing Industry Profile for U.S. Pet Food.


MarketLine PDF of North American Pet Healthcare Industry.

MarketLine Industry Profile detail screenshot

Detail of MarketLine Industry Profile report

What are you finding in MarketLine Industry Profiles?
Contextual analysis useful for introducing a new product or operating in the current industry environment.: 4 votes (80%)
Can't focus: have read the word "industry" too many times and it's losing all meaning.: 1 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 5