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MK221 Online Tutorial for Marketing Databases

Adaptation of MK221 Library Research Worksheet for Agaptus Anaele. Created by Lindsey Nichols.

Reports: Section by Section 1

Mintel Reports have many clickable access points.

  • Lots of different ways to view the data!
    • Full Report and Executive Summary as PDFs...
    • Interactive Databook 
    • Section by section: Overview, Consumer, Market, Brand / Company

MIntel report landing page showing many ways to access Pet Food United States report: Full Report, Section by Section, Interactive Databook.

Reports: Section by Section 2

Each Mintel Report has multiple sections.

  • Skim section headings for useful information...

  • Example: consumers' reasons for not consuming energy drinks.

    • Is there a marketing opportunity there?

Mintel report on Energy Drinks U.S. 2020, showing section headings of full report.


Reports: Section by Section 3

Download Reports

  • Download Full Report as PDF, or
  • Export specific sections to Word-friendly RTF format. 
    • Yes, the infographics and charts are included in RTF format. I checked.
  • Print Full Report or print by section. You lucky person with a printer!

Mintel report showing options to print or download sections to Word-friendly RTF format.

What appeals to you most about Mintel?
I'm a numbers person. I'm most excited about the Databook, including charts showing change over time.: 4 votes (57.14%)
I'm a words person. I'm most excited about the Mintel analysis providing context and highlights to the data.: 3 votes (42.86%)
Total Votes: 7