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MK221 Online Tutorial for Marketing Databases

Adaptation of MK221 Library Research Worksheet for Agaptus Anaele. Created by Lindsey Nichols.


Mintel Insights & Analytics is a subscription library database and professional marketing tool providing detailed consumer behavior and attitudes analysis. Mintel analysts break down consumer trends and market developments in detailed reports. Look up current category Insights, including how categories are affected by COVID-19. Mintel presents the competitive landscape of your market, including strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Use Mintel to figure out why consumers have certain buying habits, and how their buying habits may develop in future. Covers United States and United Kingdom markets.


Access this database:


To Do

Access Mintel.

  • Where would we be without Terms & Conditions?
  • Remember: alumni cannot access Mintel from off-campus.

Mintel's Terms and Conditions screen with checkbox for "Agree".

How many people out there read the full Terms & Conditions statement?
I do! I read every word. Gotta stay informed.: 14 votes (82.35%)
Are you kidding? I'll give up my rights and privacy - don't make me read T&Cs.: 3 votes (17.65%)
Total Votes: 17